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Expandable Polyurethane Foam Sealant 

When Sprayed out from a pressurized can it comes out as a liquid, expands into ‘Thermocol’ like solid which seals, insulates and Bonds.

Type of PU foam Sprays available in India


Types of PU Foam Sprays


Adopter Type- sprayed using a straw attached with can.

Easy application Unskilled labour can apply


Gun Type- sprayed using PU Gun.

Precise application, low wastage.

Regular grade ( B3)



FR Grade ( B1)




All the PU foam sprays available in India presently is imported from USA, Europe, South Korea and China.

Anagha Engineers sources it from EUROPE.

Important Properties to look for in PU foam sprays


AE 100


Weight of can ( 750 ml can)

830 gms

Some provide less material so wt is less

Density ( Kg/cm2)


Higher  density ,  better quality

Yield ( Expanded Volume per can) Litres


Higher yield, less consumption

Shear Strength ( N/cm2)


Higher strength, better product

Sound Insulation (dB)




Typical Applications

Filling of joints, seams and cracks in:

- partition walls with ceilings

- structural space between window- and door frames and walls

- structural and fitting space between prefabricated construction elements

- around cables and pipes, penetrations through walls and ceilings

- gluing panels/ insulating sheets 

Industry Wise   

Construction : Fitting Door frames , window frame gaps, sealing tie rod holes/joints , gap between bricks and  beam, bonding AAC blocks

Power plants : sealing gap between cable and wires , gap between electric panel outlet

Solar Plants :  sealing gap between cable and wires

Interiors : Gap filling

Terrace - heat insulation 

Cold Storage/ Wooden houses  : gap filling