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Amro Masking Tape

Special Price 2,640.00

Per Piece Cost : 66
No of Piece : 40

Product Description

Amro Masking tape is a crepe paper tape coated with rubber adhesive on a single side. Leaves no residue or adhesive marks after removing the tape from any surface.

Tapes specification varies with different temperature application. They are classified under the application of General Purpose, Painter & Carpenter, Automotive Paint Spray, Powder Coating and Mid Temperature application.

Anagha Engineers provides all the types of masking tapes, thus reducing your dependency on the several buyers. Our tapes are classified into Economical Grade, General Purpose Grade, High-Temperature Grade, UV Protection Grade. 

Applications :

  • Masking of auto body components during auto painting.
  • Pasting of Laminates on the Ply
  • Sealing of Cartons and Boxes
  • Protection to metals, plastic or glass surfaces against scratches
  • Protection of surfaces from painting.

AMRO - 108 - Economical Series
AMRO - 306 - Paint Grade Series
AMRO - 405 - High Temperature Series
KWIK 8088 - Premium Grade Performance Series.