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Boss 352 Acrylic sealant

Special Price 1,920.00

Per Piece Cost : 80 per 450 gm cartridge
No of Piece : 24

Product Description

BOSS® 352 paintable sealant is designed for both interior and exterior use. BOSS® 352 paintable sealant forms a tough, flexible, resilient bond to all building material surfaces. It has
excellent resistance to water, weathering and moisture vapor.BOSS® 352 cures to produce a flexible seal that is non-yellowing.
• Paintable
• Mildew Resistant
• Water Clean Up
• Fills Gap up to 5 mm
• Permanently Flexible
• Weatherproofs/ Waterproofs
• Interior/Exterior Use
• Water Clean Up
BOSS® 352 should only be used where slight joint movement is anticipated. In joints exceeding 1-1/2” in depth use a foam joint filler. Tooling is recommended and, if possible ,should be completed in one continuous stroke. Tool joints within 10 minutes of application. If masking tape has been used to obtain a cleaner joint, it should be removed before the tack-free skin forms.
• Sealing around window and door frames
• Sealing around baseboards
• Fills cracks and holes before painting
• Sealing anywhere a weather tight seal is desired
• Fills Cracks where expansion /Contraction occur
• Sealing where siding meets trim