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Boss 383 no more nails adhesive

Special Price 3,600.00

Per Piece Cost : 150
No of Piece : 24

Product Description

BOSS® 383 Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive is a synthetic rubber adhesive formulated for bonding plywood sub flooring to wood floor joints. In addition, BOSS® 383 has excellent adhesion to most building materials including, concrete, galvanized metals, aluminum, many different woods and other common building materials making it ideally suited for many different applications found on a jobsite.
• Safe for use on polystyrene foam
• Excellent adhesion to most construction materials
• Bridges gaps up to 9mm
• Adheres to oily metals and damp surfaces such as wood,
metal or concrete
• Long-term reliability
• Paintable
Base Synthetic Rubber
Viscosity Medium Paste
Solids 65% (+/- 2%)
Application Caulking Gun
Open Time 20 minutes
Working Temperature > -12° C
Shear Strength
Shelf Life 24 months in closed container
Storage Non-Freezing
561 psi
Color Tan
• AFG-01
• ASTM C557
BOSS® 383 is packaged in 10.3 fluid ounce (305ml) fiber/foil cartridges for use with any standard caulking gun; 24 cartridges/carton.