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Expansion Joint Sealant Polysulphide PG 101

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Product Description


Tuffseald 2P is a two component Polysulphide sealant conforming to BS 4254 : 1983.It is used for sealing expansion joint sealant where large movement is anticipated in concrete construction an d for joints between diverse construction materials like glass, aluminium, steel, cladding, glazing, tiling, t anks, internal and water retaining structures. It is used for sealing of expansion joints where there is vehicular traffic (e.g.airports and bridges) or pedestrian traffic. After mixing Resin and Hardener, the polymerization i s initiated at room temperature, which proceed further un til it is cured.

Curing performance

The product will achieve its handling strength after 24 hours at RT. curing continues for at least 7 Days before full properties are developed.

It has superior joint movement ac commodation with strong adhesion to most building m aterial. It is chemically resistance to water oils solvents.

General Information

The product may be applied to joint between 5 to 50 mm wide. Joints subjected to cyclic movemen ts should be designed for an optimum width/Depth ratio of 2: 1 (W = 2D).

Minimum joint depths are:

5mm for motals, glass and other non – porous surfaces.

10mm for all porous surfaces like brick and concrete.

20mm for trafficked joints and those subject to hydraulic pressures.


3680 Gms Resin in 4 litre wide mouth tin container.

320 Gms Hardener in 250 ml plastic cover.

Method of application

Hardener is mixed with Resin and stirred gently to get uniform color mix

Prior to the application of the se alant all joint surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned a nd dried and primed with suitable primer.

Primer promotes strong adhesion of the sealant to the surface and is absolutely essential on most surfaces. Primer should be brushed on the sides of the joint.

TUFFSEALD 2P have excellent adhesion of the joint. In order to get maximum adhesion to various surface of construction, TUFFPRIME Universal primer is essential.