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FR Acrylic Sealant Paintable Sealant

Special Price 2,304.00

Per Piece Cost : 96
No of Piece : 24

Product Description

Duct sealant is water based acrylic sealant suitable for sealing air conditioner duct. The sealant can be applied on the indoor/outdoor vapor barrier sealant for low, medium and high velocity heating & air conditioning duct. it form a rigid and flexible sealant. Forming durable sealing against air leakage and provide rigidity to the duct system. Duct sealant have FR (Flame Retardant) property.

Packaging: 455 gms in 310 HDPE cartridges

Method of application

Apply required quantity of bead of the product on the oil-free surface area by brush. Trowel or power extrusion. Brush out uniformly on the joint surface.

For application at indoor and outdoor overall duct surface area. After fully dried, it can be coated water based paint.

Disassembly and cleaning

Before drying, it may removed by normal water wash. After drying it can be removed by hot soapy water or chlorinated solvents.