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Polysulphide Sealant

Special Price 1,000.00

Per Piece Cost : 250 per Kg
No of Piece : 4 Kg

Product Description

It is a two component sealant conforming to BS 4254 : 1983.It is sealing expansion joint sealant where large movement is anticipated in concrete construction and for join between diverse construction materials like glass, aluminium, steel, cladding, glazing, tiling, tanks, internal and water retaining structures. It is used for sealing of expansion joints where there is vehicular traffic (e.g. airports and bridges) or pedestrian traffic. Resin and Hardener, the polymerization is initiated at room temperature, which proceed further until it is cured. It has superior joint movement accommodation with strong adhesion to most building material. It is chemically resistance to water oils solvents. 
Typical Properties of uncured material
Chemical type                                                             Polysulphide
Appearance                                                                Smooth 
Specific gravity at 300C, ATM* R004 (JIS* K6820)    1.60
Chemical type                                                            Manganese Di Oxide
Appearance                                                                Smooth
Specific gravity at 300C, ATM R004 (JIS K6820)       1.65
The product may be applied to joint between 5 to 50 mm wide. Joints subjected to cyclic movements designed for an optimum width/Depth ratio of (W = 2D). Minimum joint depths are:
5mm for metals, glass and other non – porous surfaces. 
10mm for all porous surfaces like brick and concrete
20mm for trafficked joints and those subject to hyd pressures.